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We offer all of the necessary heavy duty truck repair services to get your truck back to working as it should.

Quality Heavy Duty Truck Repair Services

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At GRB Truck Repair, we offer every repair service necessary to get your truck back to running at 100 percent, including diagnostics, transmission repair, suspension repair, brake repair, electrical issues, engine repairs, wreck repairs, bodywork, towing, and many more. 

Truck not working like it’s supposed to? GRB Truck Repair specializes in custom truck repair work to improve your truck’s appearance and get it back up and running again. 

If you need repairs or service, get started by calling our office at (504) 354-9265 or using the contact form below to schedule your service. See below to browse the services offered at GRB Truck Repair. 

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we take pride in our work and will do everything possible to provide the best service to our customers

45 Years of Experience in 18 wheeler auto body repair GRB Materials

45 years of Experience

Efficient and Timely Semi Truck Repair Services

Efficient & Timely

Customer Focused Semi Truck Repair Services

Customer Focused

Certified and Insured Auto Body Mechanics in Harvey LA

Certified & Insured

Attention to Detail on all auto body repair services in New Orleans and Harvey LA

Attention to Detail

Affordable Semi Truck Repair Services in Harvey, LA


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